The Best Business Plan can provide immigration business plans which are specific to your visa requirements, and are included in your immigration application. The business plan is critical because it documents that the business you wish to open or acquire will be sustainable. It also looks to prove that your business will provide real products or services, and employ American workers.

Business or employment related visas can seem daunting and almost impossible without the help of an attorney. Our dedicated and highly qualified team of professionals are here to help.

The USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services) documents the business plan requirement on their website. There are several different types of visas available. Visa applications which require business plans are:

L-1 Visa

B-1 visa

E-1 visa

E-2 Investor visa

EB-5 visa

A customized business plan written as part of a visa application is completely different from a traditional business plan. Traditional business plans are written for investors, and business partners. Visa Business Plans are written for U.S. Immigrations officers, with the sole purpose of obtaining an immigration visa. The format, content, and tone of the Visa Business plan is different too. This business plan is crucial to the success of your visa application.

The Best Business Plan is here to help with your custom business plan. Our dedicated and highly qualified team of professionals has over 80 years of combined business experience to write your business plan. We will provide you with the best opportunity in accomplishing your objective at an extremely low price, while maintaining quality. Our business plans stand out against the competition and will exceed your expectations. Our Visa ready business plans are completed with 5-year projections and start at only $795.00. To quickly get started, please provide us with some details about your company. After we review your information you can expect a “FREE” PRICE QUOTE and/or a “FREE” CONSULTATION via email or telephone within 24 hours or less!

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