Business Plan Myth BusterDon’t believe the myth, that you really don’t need a business plan. Business plans have been around for many years, and they have been helpful to both start-ups and businesses that are looking for new direction or future funding. The best business plans will have all the information laid out and documented allowing banks and/or investors understand that you have done your homework. See the common myths and misconceptions below.

Business Plans Are Not Necessary

Of course this is not true! Not only are they used to obtain investors, but they lay out the structure of your business. They help you clarify your goals, and show what success will look like as well as how you will get there.

Investors Don’t Read Business Plans

They really do. Business plans aren’t something they just skim over. They want to be sure that you have a plan in place. They aren’t just going to give money away and hope for the best. Your business plan will detail how the money will be used, and exactly how you will make money and what you will do in the event of failure.

Business Plans Are Difficult To Make

Making a business plan is similar to an outline of what you want your business to be. It includes all the key points to success such as; executive summary, business description, organizational information, financials, marketing analysis, and cash flow.

A Business Plan Is A Specific Length

Each business plan is specific to the individual business. As long as the necessary information is included, in the most useful way possible, it isn’t too long or too short.

Once It’s Made, That’s It

A business plan isn’t a once and done type of document. Business plans evolve with the business. Review and revise the plan as often as necessary. It’s a great business tool which can be used keep your business on the right track. has been assisting clients since 1994. We can help you by creating a customized business plan that will be tailored just for your business endeavors and at a very low price. Contact us today for a free quote.

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